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NEU: Überprüfen der Marktstrategie im In- und Ausland - 2,5 Tage intensiv

Exportberatung - Export - Coaching 

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Export  Internationales Marketing als Chance 

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Click+Get® und fascination® sind geschützte Marken


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Case study: Montenegro

"The realization of concepts will lead to success not the paperwork"


We care also about realization taking responsible management tasks

Focused on Goals - leading our clients to success!


Marketing - International Marketing / Export - Controlling 


                          Optimizing client's resources to achieve agreed goals

                          including the active cooperation for  implementation of

                          activities leading organizations to success.   


  By analyzing client's needs and challenges, we point out chances i. e. untapped market gaps, focusing activities 

  on strategic   and operational implementation of mutually agreed schemes, leading organizations to that leading 

  edge skill and creativity    ways of success. Professionalism is documented by international clients and projects 

  realized in  Europe (EC-Central Europe incl. Switzerland and  CZ,SR,SL,HR), USA and Near East.


  This time we are especially focused to tasks to develop activities relating to New England States and Europe.  


   Working with all the essential tools of the trade there is offered a network which covers the full range of 

   marketing activities, sales and purchasing, performance checks of existing or new  sales or distribution outlets, 

   market researches, establishment of new organizations and subsidiaries, joint ventures, strategic management,

    management   training up to the associated process control.


  Further RIETHER MANAGEMENT+MARKETING offers assistance for business planning, 

 designing the sales organization, re-orientation of strategies including training and coaching.


  Since the foundation of RIETHER MANAGEMENT+MARKETING in 1985 there has  been executed orders for  

  more  than 600 companies of different sizes and branches, ranging from one-man-starters, SMEs up to 

  multinational  companies and projects for the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) .


  Feeling as part of the client's management RIETHER tries to activate the resources and to recognize difficulties 

  in time in order to eliminate them or to minimize risks or to turn them around to a competitive tool.  



  Please contact us, if you are interested in getting more information for Click+Get® - a special e-Marketing-program 

  based on the cooperation with  existing stores using the mix of instruments of marketing in order to provide the

  delivery-service for


  It's the goal of the system to intensify the connection between existing stores and consumers.  More information upon

  request:  with "Ref.: Click+Get"